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Thermo Fisher Scientific Collaborates Protein Metrics to Optimize Mass Spec Data Analysis Solution


Thermo Fisher Scientific and Protein Metrics said on Monday that they   have entered into a non-exclusive co-marketing agreement to provide advanced mass spectrometry data processing and analysis capabilities to drive innovation across the full spectrum of biopharmaceutical and proteomics applications, from research and development to quality control.

Thermo Fisher brings the cloud-enabled Thermo Scientific Chromeleon CDS software to this collaboration, providing biopharmaceutical and proteomics scientists with superior automation and workflow support to help achieve productivity gains of up to 33%. Easily integrated into company systems and seamlessly scaled from workstation to global enterprise deployment, the Chromeleon CDS software ensures business continuity. The software allows operation from remote locations across global laboratory networks, reducing administrative costs and providing resourcing flexibility.

Supporting this collaboration, the Protein Metrics Byos platform for protein characterization enables researchers to move from raw data files to reporting in just minutes, allowing post-translational modifications and other critical quality attributes to be monitoring with speed and efficiency. In addition, customers can also   take advantage of Protein Metrics' private-cloud Byosphere enterprise platform, which delivers enterprise-level capacity for automation, collaboration and data management in a single platform for GxP and non-GxP environments.

Biopharmaceutical and proteomics applications are challenged daily with having to accurately and reliably process a wealth of data derived from mass spectrometry instruments, which can be time-intensive and error-prone. The collaboration allows these two companies to leverage their shared expertise and seamlessly integrate the compliance-ready software capabilities to offer customers flexible tools that address these challenges and help meet their need for advanced technologies that analyze their mass spectrometry data.

"We are proud that our proven biopharmaceutical solutions enable companies worldwide to analyze and report on complex biotherapeutics," remarked Eric Carlson, PhD, president and CEO, Protein Metrics, Inc. "Byosphere, resting on Byos' solid foundation, delivers to our customers a single platform for GxP and non-GxP environments. Integrating with critical enterprise data systems, such as Chromeleon CDS, we aim to provide our mutual biopharmaceutical customers with intuitive, streamlined workflows to manage the burgeoning volume and complexity of analytical data with confidence."

About Protein Metrics

With a clear focus on protein characterization, Protein Metrics' vendor-neutral software allows scientists to use data generated on analytical instruments like mass spectrometers to quickly identify and report protein sequences as well as any variations from the expected form.

About Byos

BYOS® Desktop Software

Launch mass spec analytical workflows with one click!

Seamlessly progress from raw file to report on complex biotherapeutics. Byos® is a vendor-neutral application that significantly improves laboratory efficiency, reproducibility, and reporting.

About Chromeleon CDS

Chromeleon Chromatography Data System (CDS) software

Chromeleon software is the only CDS providing full control of chromatography instrumentation from Thermo Fisher Scientific and many other vendors, including support for quantitative mass spectrometry workflows for all separation techniques and MS variants, all using the same intuitive user interface.

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