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Product Detail
Magicscript RTase III 100
Magicscript RTase III 100
Name: Magicscript RT III
Catalog: A003S
Unit Size: 100µl
Storage Conditions: Store at -20°C
Port: Guangzhou
Note: For Research Use Only. Not for  diagnostic procedures.

Magicscript Reverse Transcriptase (RTase) III is a recombinant DNA polymerase.

Some domains of reverse transcriptase genes of different species are transformed into chimeras by genetic engineering. Its RNaseH activity is completely lost, and with excellent thermal stability.


1.   A perfect thermal resistance range

Magicscript Reverse Transcriptase (RT) III keeps the same activity at the temperature of   37°C to 65°C. Residual activity does not decay   obviously with increasing temperature.

2.   Magicscript Reverse Transcriptase (RT) III which loss of RNaseH activity completely could generate reverse transcription up to 12 kb in length.