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New innovative RT product - Magicscript RTase III

Magicscript Reverse Transcriptase (RTase) III is an innovative RT product that used in COV19 detection reagent. It is used for cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR.

Compared with the popular competitive products, Magicscript RTase III has higher sensitivity, more thermal stability(Fig 1).   Residual activity retains at least 95% in 65℃, reverse transcription up to 12 kb in length.

Red line : Magicscript RTase III

Yellow line: a popular competitor, R

Blue line: other product

RTase III-65.png

Fig 1.   Data in 65°C

One step RT-qPCR Mix

Magigen has developed an efficient and accurate one step qPCR   Kit according to customers’ demand.   No needed to open the lids in the process, noexposed, the kit improves the efficiency and accuracy of customer’s product. Magigen One Step RT-qPCR MIX has some specific features:

1.      The kit has stronganti-interference ability. It can stand with various kinds of impurities in thesample. It can be used for sample amplification without extraction.

2.      The hot start taq enzyme which wasmodified specific has high specificity and strong amplification ability

3.      This reagent has highsensitivity and can detect low abundance target genes.

4.      Reagents are premixed , it is simpleand easy to prepare use.

5.      With the use of probes, it issuitable for a variety of real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) instruments.

Compared with the popular competitive products, Magigen One Step RT-qPCR MIX has higher efficient and accurate (Fig 2).   

Red line : Magigen One Step RT-qPCR MIX

Other line:   some competitors


Fig 2.